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Revilo Automotive

Revilo Automotive

We don’t buy every car, but we do buy the best.

Picture, say.. three BMW M series. Same colour, same year, same mileage....

To look at, they appear identical and your typical car buying website will probably offer to pay the same for them.

But the difference in some cars is what you can’t see… the unique features, the higher spec. There is a car buying company that won’t buy EVERY car… but will buy the best and unlike some, will pay the best price for it. We know our stuff when prestige, and unique cars so even if you aren’t sure … we will be.

Before you take it to the dealership or even sell privately visit our website.

We don’t buy EVERY car…but we do buy the best.

A personal car buying service for premium brands...

You’ll find Revilo a refreshing change – for many reasons. 

• Save £000’s, with a valuation that genuinely reflects your vehicle, in particular its options and specification.

• We guarantee to beat any like-for-like valuation from elsewhere.

• Save time and hassle, as we visit you.

• Revilo is about people – not computer programs.

• Unlike our competitors we won’t give you a valuation based on what a database says.

• The unique knowledge of our vastly experienced team of Brand Specialists is what makes us different.

• We’re a new kind of car buyer, offering you a totally different customer experience.

Experience the difference for yourself. Get an accurate valuation today....


"Our number one priority is to offer people more for their vehicles compared to part exchange prices and other car buying websites. We do this by employing brand specialist with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience who understand your vehicle based on its own individual specification. We further enhance your experience with us by travelling direct to your door step or place of work where you will be visited by a friendly appraisal specialist who will complete the transaction with you in approximately 30 minutes. The funds are transferred from our Coutts account direct to your personal account before you release the vehicle."

Lee Collins (CEO)

"As a consumer looking to sell a vehicle, you’ll find yourself up against it. Time, support and money are all extremely important factors when choosing who to sell your vehicle to. With over 150 years motor trade experience within the team and brand professionals we are uniquely placed to offer the best possible price for the vehicle. Our dedicated logistics team will ensure the least impact on our client’s day and with the brand professionals available until 23:00 on the live chat function, you are never left without the support needed throughout the transaction. Our main competitors all claim to provide the best price, time saving and support, but this isn’t accurate, and they certainly don’t offer all 3 under one roof. We paid £1.2million more than WBAC for our vehicles in 2017 and we travelled direct to the customer."

Joe Greenwood (Sales Director)

Speak to a Brand Specialist today - 01706 509236

Revilo House,
Suite 2,
Bridgefold Road, Rochdale, 
OL11 5BX

OPENING HOURS - 8:30 a.m - 17:30 p.m

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