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Fine wine investment platform - turn your passion into profit.

At BiBO, we build bespoke wine investment portfolios. Understanding your goals and making them our own is what makes us unique.
Fine wine is an asset class has a track record of outpacing the S&P 500
Investing in fine wine is a great way to diversify your portfolio. Not only has it enjoyed consistent returns (10.6% per year over the last 30 years), it’s fundamentally different to traditional stock investment which means it doesn’t respond to the same external events - giving you more stability.
Where traditional stock investments are based on annual earnings and business performance which can be affected by a multitude of internal & external factors, fine wine is underpinned by a simple supply and demand imbalance: 
Investment grade wine is made in finite quantities. You purchase some of that limited production and store it, but some of it will be consumed, which further exacerbates the supply and demand imbalance.
It’s this imbalance investors are looking to exploit, aiming to hold assets that target excess demand. 
We individually evaluate wines based on 8 factors to find the truly exceptional ones worth investing in 
Whilst over three billion cases of wine are produced each year, few qualify as fine wine and fewer still constitute investment grade wine.
We review each wine individually to assess their investment opportunity. And we’ve identified 8 vectors that allow us to eliminate unsuitable wines from our pool of options. This initial rejection of wines tightens our focus and allows us to hone in on the cases that align with both the investor’s goals and our investment philosophy.
1. Brand power 
2. Drinking window
3. Critic score
4. Market liquidity 
5. Region vintage
6. Price volatility 
7. Production volume
8. Price history
Through this approach to finding relative value, we interpret market information quickly and identify opportunities that enable confident, accountable investment.
With BiBO, there’s no complex management or needless thrills, just an effective methodology executed efficiently.
We believe wine investment should be incredibly simple. So that’s what you can expect from working with us. 
Hard work and analysis takes place up front, before a purchase is made. We get to know you and your goals, and we build a portfolio to match. Once identified, a perfect condition case is bought at the best possible price. It’s stored until mature, and then sold for max value. 
We don’t charge investment or management fees like most other investment platforms. In fact, we’re one of the only ones that commits to your exit from the market. We charge an exit commission to ensure our incentives are aligned. Ultimately the more money your investment makes, the more money we make with you.
Want to learn more about investing in fine wine? Download our free essential guide to fine wine investment here.
Are you ready to invest in fine wine? We’re ready to help. Book a call with our team here, email or call +44 (0) 20 4579 5053.

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