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Founded 1604

Blundell’s is a co-educational independent school for full, weekly and flexi boarding and day pupils from ages 2 1/2 to 18.

The school combines strong academic achievement and excellent facilities with the best pastoral care: the welfare and happiness of our pupils is a top priority. The deep and enduring friendships formed at Blundell’s, fostered by the school’s fantastic community spirit, together with the intellectual, physical and cultural interests they develop here, provide our pupils with skills for life.

Our aim continues to be the promotion of wholeness: to provide a rounded education for the whole person – of mind, body and spirit, encouraging ambition amidst humility and a sense of service for each pupil as our founder, Peter Blundell, would have wished.

"There are two gifts we can give our children, the first is roots and the second is wings."


1. To develop depth and breadth of character, which will encourage resilience, optimism, self-control and generosity within the rich Christian values that we have.

2. To develop a sense of social responsibility and to be mindful of our role in serving our community, our role in society at large and in the global environment, and our role towards each other, which will encourage consideration, mindfulness and respect.


3. To develop independence, taking responsibility for our own growth and development which will enable us to show initiative, take ownership and feel satisfaction in what is achieved.

4. To pursue excellence, aspiring to do everything as well as it can be done, which will develop a sense of justifiable pride and ambition.

5. To develop confidence and a sense of adventure which will foster courage, curiosity, enterprise and originality.

A personal visit is invaluable so please contact our Registrars to arrange a visit, when you can meet our pupils and staff and find out more about the happy and fulfilling all-round education which Blundellians enjoy.

Admissions Co-ordinator: Tracy Frankpitt E: T: 01884 232310

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