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Eco Soaps

Eco Soaps

Natural & Handmade...

Save 20% on our range of handcrafted, natural soaps & skincare made in the Scottish Highlands. Especially suitable for sensitive skin. 

Since 2011 we’ve been creating high-quality, mostly Vegan products using traditional methods, free from Palm oil and unnecessary chemicals. 

We love to use coconut oil & shea butter for their great skincare properties, but we also source local ingredients wherever possible, including cold-pressed Scottish rapeseed oil rich in Vitamin E,  and wild-gathered natural botanicals & local honey. 

Eco Soaps have a fabulous rich lather and are enriched with natural glycerin to infuse your skin with moisture. 

You’ll also find a range of natural shampoo & conditioner bars, skin creams, balm & massage oils, made to order to ensure freshness. 

You can buy Eco Soaps unscented, or naturally fragranced with careful blends of natural essential oils.  Any colourants we use are natural & subtle. 

Looking for an eco-friendly gift? We offer a selection of attractive gift bags made from natural Jute fibres, filled with skincare goodies for both men & women.

Recycled & plastic-free packaging is used wherever possible.

We’re pleased to offer members 20% off the standard product price.

Just enter the code SOAPSTAR into the discount box on the website. 

Eco Soaps
11 Teal Avenue

07933 932 104

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