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London Glassblowing

London Glassblowing

Showcasing the best talent from the UK and beyond...

Founded by Peter Layton in 1976, London Glassblowing is one of Europe’s most prominent studio glass galleries and longest running hot-glass studios.

Visitors can not only view pieces from the UK’s finest studio glass artists, but can also watch them practice their ancient craft in the hotworking studio that lies beyond its white walls. To the beat of a searing furnace, they coax molten glass, transforming the shapes of their imagination into solid form. It seems almost impossible that these glowing orbs can be related to the cool polished objects displayed in the adjoining gallery.

Our Cold Working Studio, where the blown work is finished, and where cut and polished pieces are made, is supported by the Foundation Alcea. We are extremely grateful for this assistance, which also provides training for up-and-coming artists.

At the heart of the studio is a spirit of collaboration, which extends to the welcome shown to visitors who can come to watch. There is limited glassblowing between approximately 1-2pm for lunch and the artists generally stop around 4.30pm. Admission is free. Owing to limited space in the viewing area, we are unable to accommodate large groups on an ad hoc basis.

About Peter Layton

Peter has always taken inspiration from his environment, natural or manmade: a stone wall on a snowy day, the London skyline, or works by great painters. From a mere detail, a flash of a Klimt orange or a slick of oil on the Thames, he creates painterly works with a masterly use of colour. Throughout his career, he has been courted by major art institutions, commercial buyers and private collectors. His work is held in various museums in the UK, Europe and America, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK.

London Glassblowing
62-66 Bermondsey Street,
London, SE1 3UD

T: +44 (0) 20 7403 2800

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